Giordano, your fashion partner

You like casual style, or you get started in fashion? Giordano is made for you.

Giordano is THE specialist in comfort by selecting the right fabric for each piece created in a fashion way. You will find comfortable must-have like jeans, shirt, tee, polo, accessories, and shoes.

Giordano’s Polo, the must-have who makes the difference.

The polo is THE must have in your wardrobe. This piece will fit for every occasion. Wear it with a jacket for a meeting, wear it open for a romantic diner or close all the buttons for a retro touch.

Colours are the secret. Select the one that will shine your skin tone or that will accentuate the colours of your eyes or simply a colour you like and make you happy. Happy people are always beautiful!

The polo is also simple to match with your actual wardrobe. Match it with pants, short or with a simple pair of jeans depending on the context. In store, you can select the logo or the design on it. You will find a multitude of embroidery like the lion, a big Napoleon or just plain. At Giordano, everybody can find his dreamy polo: women, men and kids.

If you don’t know which one to choose, opt for neutral colours like white, blue, green or black. Classic choices are always the best solutions.

With Giordano’s polo, it will be now a pleasure to dress up and greet compliment from your partner, family or friends. So, visit now one of the Giordano’s stores to find your dreamy polo.