Living your colors with Giordano

Like all fashion icons, we need must-have clothing in our closet to look good in 5 seconds. Giordano proposes you the polo. The polo shirt is one of the most versatile shirts anyone can own. Everyone should have at least one polo shirt in their wardrobe.

At Giordano, the polo shirt is available in any color you could ever imagine.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right color for your skin tone.

Before selecting the color of your outfit, you should know the available color palette.

You have 3 simple color palettes: Cold colors (Green, Blue and Violet), Warm colors (Red, Orange and Yellow) and Neutral colors (Brown, Beige and Grey).

Cold colors will perfectly match skin with pink to red pigmentation, in general, and thus cater for fair and light skin.

On the other hand, warm colors will match with yellow to orange pigmented skin such as Mediterranean or dark skin.

Neutral colors are the easiest as they are suitable for all skin types. With these colors, you are sure to be trendy.

You can also select it according to the color of your eyes or your energy of the day. As Coco Chanel says 'The most beautiful color in the word is the one that fit you'. So, let’s play with colors by visiting Giordano stores.